Transportation Planning

School of Rural & Surveying Engineering - 6th Semester (Compulsory)


School of Civil Engineering - 6th Semester (Compulsory)

Topics: Introductory concepts. The definition of a transportation system. Theoretical concepts of  transportation planning. Transportation and the Economy. Strategic Planning and Policies in Transportation. Transportation networks. Combined Transportation Systems. Four-step model approach: Trip generation, Trip distribution, Mode choice, Trip assignment. Evaluation of Transportation systems. Quality in Transportation. Logistics. Transportation Project Financing. 

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Railway Engineering

School of Rural & Surveying Engineering - 8th Semester (Elective)

Topics: General railway planning and design principles. Planning and operations of fixed route modes. Railway systems and networks. Track, superstructure and substructure of railway systems. Railway vehicles. Introduction to track and railway vehicle dynamics. Electric propulsion in railways. Railway stations: types, categories and characteristics. Signalling and control. Urban railways and metro systems. Special types of railway systems. High speed ground transportation.

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Public Transportation Planning and Operations

School of Civil Engineering - 9th Semester (Compulsory in Transportation Cycle)

Topics: Public transportation networks, modes and their characteristics. Capacity determination of public transportation systems. Operational characteristics. Planning models. Route planning and design. Operational planning. System scheduling. Crew scheduling. Metro system traction. Metro system signalling and control. Fare policies. Data collection. Marketing of public transportation systems.

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Design of Transportation Infrastructures and Transport Economics

School of Rural & Surveying Engineering - 5th Semester (Compulsory)

Topics: Railway Design: Rail Kinematics, Rail Alignment Design, Airport Design: Airport Infrastructures, Layout and Typology, Aircraft flight characteristics, Runway and Taxiway Design, Transport Economics: Demand for Transport, Transport Supply, Demand - Supply Equilibrium, Resource Allocation, External Costs of Transportation Systems, Financial and Economic Evaluation of Transportation Projects,  Financing Schemes.

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Construction Management and Equipment

School of Rural & Surveying Engineering - 7th Semester (Elective)

Topics: Project Management Principles, Project Planning, Scheduling Methods (CPM, MPM and PERT Methods), Resource management, Health and Safety in Construction, Construction Equipment, Operations Analysis and Costs of Construction Equipment

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Operations Research

School of Rural & Surveying Engineering - 9th Semester (Elective)

Topics: Introduction to Optimization, Linear Programming Models, The SIMPLEX method, Sensitivity Analysis and Duality, Use of Software Packages in Optimization, Integer Programming, Transportation and Assignment Problems, Network Problems, Location Problems, Dynamic Programming, Goal Programming, Multi-objective Programming, Introduction to Non-linear Programming.

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