Project Title & Description Consultant Client Role Period

Development of the Terms of Reference for the Athens Urban Transport Organization Fare Policy Study

In this project, terms of reference were setup for procuring a study on the Athens Urban Transport Organization new fare policy

K. Kepaptsoglou Athens Urban Transport Organization (OASA) Review of best practices, ToR setup, document preparation 2007

Feasibility Study for the Replacement of ILPAP Electric Bus Fleet and the Introduction of Small Size Electric Buses

This feasibility study aimed (a) at evaluating the potential of introducing small, battery operated buses, in the Athens public transport system and (b) at preparing a financial and cost-benefit analysis for supporting funding request to the EU for the replacement of the client’s electric bus fleet.

Armenis – Sofiadelis - Makridakis ILPAP SA (Athens electric buses operator) Feasibility Evaluation, including financial, cost – benefit and risk analysis 2007-2008